Customer Value

Sanwa Supply’s continuous growth and expansion supports our mission of delivering ongoing customer
value. We currently have two Sales headquarters based in Okayama and Tokyo and five Sales offices
nationwide and in 2007 we expanded our China presence by opening a Shanghai office.

As we drive innovation within the company and throughout the marketplace, the Company continues to
introduce technologies that enhance our delivery service. Sanwa Supply’s online distribution centers
ensure that we have the right products in stock for prompt shipments and deliveries to our retail and
online customers.

The basis of the Company’s innovation by design approach emphasizes early product development
research and multiple customer feedback streams:

  • Sanwa Supply research teams frequently visit retail stores that stock our products in an effort to
    see “sales in action”; where team members assess merchandise displays, gather feedback from
    dealers, and engage directly with customers who use our products.
  • The Company regularly dispatches personnel to university research institutions. Team members
    attend lectures by forward-thinking experts and practitioners who inspire creativity and
    highlight early marketplace trends. Research and production teams frequently participate in
    global conferences and trade show exhibitions, thus ensuring that Sanwa Supply remains in
    front of the innovation curve.
  • Sales team members meet regularly with corporate customers, providing them with valuable
    data on current best sellers, global retail trends, and materials that can be leveraged during
    production. We provide our 7,000+ retail customers with ongoing sales data, input on store
    layout, and industry best practices.

This “outside-in” approach to innovation provides our product development teams with critical
customer input in the earliest stages of design and throughout the product lifecycle, ensuring that our
designs remain fresh, innovative, and original.