Customer Knowledge

The Internet has changed everything. Information once unavailable to the general population can now
be accessed by more people at faster speeds than ever imagined--forever changing how we live and do
business in the world.

Sanwa Supply places great value on keeping our customers informed, and we do so, via a broad range of
communication media that provides you with access to relevant, easy-to-consume product information-
-anytime, anywhere.

The Company's ongoing efforts to educate consumers about Sanwa Supply products include a robust
DVD supply catalog that lists details of our entire product inventory. Our communication channels also
include newspaper and magazine articles, television advertisements, and exhibition trade booths where
we display and demo a range of our products.

Our Sales teams often participate in local festivals where interested visitors and future Sanwa Supply
customers can experience our high-quality products in more leisurely settings.

Sanwa Supply's customer commitment is to deliver a pleasant online shopping experience that offers
you a wide selection of available products at your fingertips--delivering the right information at the right