LAN Cables

1000BASE-TX./T, 100 BASE-TX, 10 BASE-T/2/5, IDSN cables etc.


LAN Cable Testers

Test your network cable connections.



5-24 port switching hubs.

Fibreoptic Cables

Perfect for long distance transmission and broadband connections.

Wired LAN Adapters

Adapters to convert USB ports to LAN ports.

ADSL Products

Use an ADSL modem and analogue telephone simultaneously.

LAN Parts · Connectors · Tools

LAN cables, connectors, tools, relay adapters, for DIY.

Cable Accessories · Covers

For neat wiring. Prevent disconnection.

Cisco Router Cables

Special cable for Cisco brand routers.

Fiber Optics · Parts · Adapters · Tools

Various cables and tools for DIY.

Optical Media Converters · SFP · XFP

For use in long-distance networks.

10BASE2/5 others

10BASE2, 10BASE5 compatible cables.

USB Converters

Convert various interfaces to USB.

Affiliate Companies

Fluke LAN testers and Tyco Electronics Corporation LAN cables, parts, and tools.