USB Cables & Adaptors

A large lineup of USB cables, including skeleton cables.

USB Converters

Convert various interfaces to USB.

IEEE1394 Cables & Hubs

A new standard for connecting peripherals to your computer.

Printer Cables & Adaptors

Premium printer cables and adaptors with noise suppression.

RS-232C Cables

High-grade cables with noise suppression.

Display Cables

Effectively shuts out noise and outside interference. Also suitable for projectors.

SCSI Cables & Adaptors

For connecting between SCSI equipment and computers.

PC99 Cables

Simple use and sturdy design. Just follow the colors!

Audio/Video Cables

Perfect for connecting video, audio and MIDI devices.

Telephone Cables

Cables and accessories for use with telephones.

LAN Cables

Category 7 · 6e · 6 · 5e, etc.. Various cable lengths. Can be customized.

Fibreoptic Cables

Perfect for long distance transmission and broadband connections.

Cable Accessories · Covers

For neat wiring. Prevent disconnection.

Power Cables

For connecting computers and peripherals to electricity consents.

CPU Auto Switching Cables

Special cables for connecting Sanwa Supply CPU Auto Switchers and computers.

HDMI Cables · Adapters

Full-Spec High-Definition · Mini Plugs · DVI Conversion Cables, etc..

DisplayPort Cables

Cables to connect computers to displays using DisplayPort.

MHL Cables

Cables to connect MHL-enabled smartphones, tablets, and compatible TVs.

Antenna Cable · Distributor

BS · CS · UHF · VHF, and Digital Terrestrial cables.

Connection Cables

Connect HDD · Optical Drives · Power Supplies etc. Extension cables and adapters.

Other Cables & Adaptors

For keyboards, mice, Macintosh computers etc.