Power Taps

3 Prong Types

Including a range of features such as concentration switches, magnets and universal power.

2 Prong Types

Including swing plugs, shutters and skeleton type strips.


Special cable for Cisco brand routers.

Office Types

Environmentally friendly and safe power strips suitable for the office.

Surge Guards

Protect your computer and devices from lightning surges.

Power-Saving Eco Taps

Cut the standby power in the ON · OFF switch for each outlet.

Conversion Adaptors

Convert 3 prong to 2 prong or L-shaped connectors.

Power Cables

Connect to PC power supplies. Extension cords are also available.

Power Strip Accessories

A variety of accessories including dust covers, locking mechanisms, testers etc.

Overseas Types

Voltage converters and plugs for various countries.

AC Adaptors

Handy portable AC adaptors ideal for the office or business trips.

Watt Checkers

Measure power consumption easily.

Power Meters

Keep track of the amount of power used and energy costs.

Environmentally Friendly Taps

Taps packaged in materials that do not produce toxic gases.

Construction ・ Property Taps

Grounded taps built to commercial specifications, ideal for uses such as harness plugs. Availabe for bulk purchases.

Fire Prevention Safety Taps

Taps with shutters that prevent dust from entering to prevent fires.

Convenient Taps

Taps with special features such as clips and stands.

Mobile Taps

Convenient, compact, portable taps.

Small Taps

Small, space-saving taps.

High Strength Taps

For use in hospitals, factories, offices, schools, and events.

Hospital Taps

Specially insulated against chemicals to prevent short-circuits. Meet Medical JIS specifications.

Smartphone ・ Tablet PC chargers

Charge at home and in cars. Types for enjoying music and videos.

Smarphone ・ Table Related

Liquid crystal film, body cases, chargers, cables, speakers, and earphones, etc..

Mobile Phone Accessories

USB charging cables, hands-free sets, automotive holders, straps, etc..

PLC Adapters Corresponding Taps

Taps with built-in noise filters corresponds to PLC.