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1923 Establishment of Yamada Shoko as a sewing plant by the late Yoshio Yamada.
1939 Establishment of Kokubo Hifuku.
1945 Company name changed to Heiwa Hifuku at the end of WWII.
1951 Organization re-structured & name changed to Heiwa Kogyo. 1 million yen capital.
1979 Company name changed to Sanwa Supply & sales of computers and computer related products launched. Capital increased to 3 million yen.
1982 Establishment of Okayama Sanwa Supply Center and Tokyo Sanwa Supply Center.
1983 Establishment of Hong Kong agency & USA Liaison office. Participation in COMDEX USA.
1984 Corporate identity trade mark established.
1985 Increase of products (total of 950).
  Recognition as an overall supplier.
1986 Strengthening and equipping of the corporate delivery centers to expedite delivery.
1987 Obtainment of sales rights from A.F.L in Great Britain.
1990 Completion of the new Okayama Sanwa Supply Center building.
1993 Establishment of Osaka sales office and Sendai sales office.
1995 Completion of the new Tokyo Sanwa Supply Center building.
1995 Tetsuya Yamada inducted as president of the 18th December.
1998 Completion of Kurashiki Delivery Center.
2001 Completion of Tokyo Delivery Center.
2003 Tokyo Supply Center accredited with ISO 14001:1996 (Environmental Management System).
2006 Expansion of Tokyo Supply Center.
  Expand product range to 7000 products.
2007 Establishment of Sanwa Supply Shanghai Inc.
2008 Establishment of Sanwa Supply Hongkong Limited.
2019 Tetsuya Yamada inducted as chairman on the 1st of May.
Kazunori Yamada inducted as president on the 1st of May.


Sanwa Supply Inc. thinks seriously about the global environment,
which is why we take the following initiatives in our product design and development.

1. Recycle Planning

We take special care to see that only recyclable materials are used in our products. We also design items that are not only easy to use, but also easy to recycle.

2. Classification Design

The materials and parts we use in the manufacture of our products are separated into various categories, simplifying the process of parts replacement.

3. Promoting the use of Recycled and Unused Materials

We limit our use of resources by making a conscientious effort to use materials such as recycled plastic, recycled timber, waste lumber and recycled paper in our products.

4. Promoting Environmentally Friendly Materials and Technology.

We use materials containing few formaldehydes, the major cause of sick-house syndrome, and other non-toxic materials. We also produced recycled toner cartridges and replacement ink refills.

5. Environmentally Friendly Packages

We don't just put effort into our products, but packages as well. We are currently in the process of ensuring all our packaging is made from environmentally friendly, recyclable materials.

6. After Sales Service

We offer quality after sales service through our on-line support, support center and sales offices located nationwide.