Choose from a wide range according to function, colour and shape.
Choose from a wide range according to function, colour and shape.
Numeric Keypads
A number of ten key numeric key pads with a variety of functions.
Ergonomically designed keyboards to help relieve fatigue and work stress.
Improve your gaming skills with our range of award winning gamepads.
Sleek design coupled with realistic high quality sound amplification.
Headsets & Microphones
Perfect for hands-free chatting and other internet related activities.
USB Hubs
A top range lineup of USB hubs and USB switchers.
Switchers & Splitters
A number of switchers and splitters, including CPU auto switchers.
USB Converters
A range of USB converters and USB link cables.
Card Readers
Multi-card readers for a variety of media.
USB Cameras
A variety of types suitable for use with laptop computers.
Shredders & Laminators
A range of equipment for the creation, protection and disposal of documents.
USB Accessories
Add some spice to your office life with our range of USB accessories and toys.
LAN Hubs
A variety of 5-24 port switching hubs.
USB Flash Disks
Portable and sturdy USB flash disks for the transfer of data.
Laptop Cooler Pads
Cool down your laptop with our high powered aluminium cooling pads.
IEEE1394 Repeaters
Repeater hub for IEEE1394 compact ports.