Power Strips & UPS
3 Prong Types
Including a range of features such as concentration switches, magnets and universal power.
2 Prong Types
Including swing plugs, shutters and skeleton type strips.
Server Types
Heavy duty power strips with a variety of options for protection against overcurrents and leakage.
Office Types
Environmentally friendly and safe power strips suitable for the office.
Universal Types
Link the strip to your computer power switch and turn on all your peripherals with the flick of a switch.
Surge Guards
Protect your computer and devices from lightning surges.
Home Types
Including a variety of features such as energy saving, plug locking and concentration swtiches.
Energy Saving Types
Cut energy costs on idle appliances.
Conversion Adaptors
Convert 3 prong to 2 prong or L-shaped connectors.
Power Cables
Connect to PC power supplies. Extension cords are also available.
Power Strip Accessories
A variety of accessories including dust covers, locking mechanisms, testers etc.
Automobile Types
Create AC 100V output from your car cigarette lighter..
Overseas Types
Voltage converters and plugs for various countries.
Protects data in the case of sudden power failures.
AC Adaptors
Handy portable AC adaptors ideal for the office or business trips.