Paper / Cards

Inkjet Products
Printer Paper
Our lineup includes a wide range of matt paper, double-sided paper, high quality photo paper and more.
Business Cards etc.
Easily create original business cards, CD/DVD index cards etc.
Suited for all events and occasions. A range of interesting materials are also available.
Labels & Seals
Our range includes precut labels and seals for CD/DVD cases and free-size labels for custom use.
Home-made Kits
Create your own, completely original products. Perfect for use on items such as t-shirts, bags and calenders.
Disney Character Paper
Everyone's favourite Disney characters are now available on inkjet paper.

Colour Laser Products
Printer Paper
Our lineup includes colour laser paper, thick paper, iron-on print paper and more.
Postcards with preprinted boxes for the postcode.
Business Cards etc.
Easily create original business cards.
Labels & Seals
A variety of labels in various sizes perfect for sorting, and high quality CD/DVD labels.

Privacy Products
Privacy Products
Security and privacy seals to protect sensitive and personal information.

Other Products
Non-printing Labels
Handwrite your own labels for floppy and MO disks.
Business Forms
Inventory forms, sales forms, invoices etc.
Business Labels
Choose from a variety of variations to meet your needs. Custom-orders available.
Laminators & Film
Protect valuable documents from grime and damage. Laminates everything from A4 paper to business cards.
Protect your privacy by shredding confidential documents with our quiet, high-speed shredder.