For the home and office. Our desks have a wide range of features that ensure comfortable computer use.
A wide range of racks are avaiable to suit all manner of home and office needs.
19" Racks, Server Racks
From compact to wide sized types, we offer a number of desks/racks for computer servers.
Dust Racks
Protecting sensitive equipment from dust, our racks can be used on both the ground and on desks.
Electronic Chart Racks
Racks designed for medical use, incorporating large casters and stainless steel shelves.
Printer Stands
Stands for large scale professional laser printers to small home/office machines.
CPU Stands
Our CPU stands create an uncluttered desk and increase storage space. Also compatible with Mini Tower PCs.
Projector Desks
With a wide range of features, our projector desks are perfect for presentations!
Racks, Monitor Stands
Effectively store peripherals and monitors with our range of tabletop stands and racks.
Monitor Arms
Monitor arms to increase the effective use of tabletops.
Laptop Computer Cabinets
Effectively store peripheral equipment and laptop computers.
A number of cabinets for storage. The perfect addition for every office desk.
Other Furniture
Side wagons, laptop stations etc. Adding an extra something to your desk.
Desk Accessories
Cable boxes, casters, cushions, and a number of other desktop accessories.