Removable Frames
Makes the removal/replacement of hard disks simple.
PC Cases
A range of cases suited to meet various motherboard specifications.
Flat cables, power extension cables etc.
Nuts, bolts and other parts required for building your own computer.
Silent Parts
Parts for controlling the sound of your computer.
Anti-static tools
A variety of plastic drivers and other tools for safe tinkering.
PC Case Fans
Help reduce heat buildup in the PC case.
Our coolers and cooling pads help minimise unwanted CPU heat.
Hard Disk Cases
For people who want to use a removable disk but don't have the room, these portable cases are a must.
2.5"HDD Adaptors
Adaptor for connecting laptop hard disks to desktop computers.
Other parts
HDD brackets, HDD mounters, FDD racks, 3.5" HDD frame kits, 5" bay CD cases etc.