What we do


New needs are constantly created in the rapidly progressive IT industry of perpetual change. The development of supply products that embrace computer technology is not merely based on a collection of old data and copies of other products; we visit the places where our items are in use, getting that all important "feel" for the products, and what is required of us to develop products for the future. Within that process we feel that superiority and flexibility in understanding the needs of the people, as well as light footwork to adjust to any situation is indispensable.
Sanwa Supply has been the forerunner in development and design of original products. With research based locally, we also conduct analysis of usage situations and latest trends in America and Europe, which helps contribute to our original product development system. We currently have approximately 3500 original products on the market.


Sanwa Supply currently has 2 sales headquarters' located in Okayama and Tokyo, with 5 sales offices located nationwide. We frequently visit retail stores that stock our products, checking products on display and speaking with actual consumers of our products. This becomes the base for our analysis of market needs, which are fedback through to our development department.
We also regularly provide up to date information, precise data on current best sellers, the latest trends, and materials that should be used in production, as well as consulting on sales and store layouts to approximately 7000 retailers throughout the country.
Furthermore both our Okayama and Tokyo distribution centres are now established on-line, managing our product stocking and shipping so that the right products are always in stock, and promptly delivered.


With the introduction of the internet, information that used to belong to a small percentage of the population, is now available in real time to the entire world, changing the basis of information as we know it. At Sanwa Supply we incorporate the motto "Communicating information and knowledge", which is why we utilize a broad range of communication media to provide our customers with the most relevant and easy to understand information.
We maintain a constantly updated homepage with the latest information. On-line shopping anytime, anywhere. Graphic product explanations using DVD. We use a variety of media to educate people about our products, such as our product supply catalog listing details of our entire product range, articles in newspapers, magazines and on television, and booths in trade exhibitions to name just a few. However we don't just provide virtual information; Sanwa Supply adopts a variety of methods such as planning festival sales to help customers physically experience our products, and to communicate our way of thinking.
From Sanwa Supply to the customer, from the customer to us.
Sanwa Supply conducts the delivery of information in all directions.


Sanwa Supply constantly dispatches personnel to university research institutions, lectures by scholars and exhibitions across the globe in order to read into current trends. With this information complementing the opinions we have heard directly from dealers and consumers, we have developed product upon product that are considered necessary for today, and necessary for tomorrow. The combination of our original products and foreign product range offers a wide ranging product lineup.
Whether you look at our ideas and variety, sales volume or sales figures, Sanwa Supply has built for itself the position of being our country's No. 1 IT related supplier. We have become one of Japan's leading computer supply companies in terms of the number of products,retail stores and yearly sales turnover.